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Lake Deborah

About Us

Lake Deborah natural lake salt has been harvested by a privately owned and operated Western Australian company since 1944.

Lake Deborah lake Salt


We strongly believe that "Quality is the strength of our Partnership"

Our company is dedicated to producing an utterly natural, superior, food grade salt product. Our focus on HACCP, ISO 9001-2008 and BFA accreditation ensures that our products are consistently of the highest quality.

Lake Deborah natural lake salt wholesale and retail products are available in several countries including China, Japan and Korea.

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Tel:+618 9431 9431
Fax:+618 9335 3220
Address: 185 Cockburn Rd
North Coogee
Western Australia
Australia 6163
Lake Deborah
Product Information

University Study confirms the unique characteristics of Lake Deborah natural lake salt

  • Lake Deborah natural lake salt is one of the purest salts in the world
  • The salt's distinctive flavour due to the purity and unique structure of the salt crystals
  • Economical to use due to the near perfect sodium to chloride ratio imparting stronger "salty" flavour

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