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Lake Deborah

Lake Deborah

Bring out the flavour of your cooking by using Lake Deborah natural lake salt...

Superior quality salt product that meets the demands and expectations of today's conscientious and discerning consumer...

Lake Deborah natural lake salt is a unique food product, naturally harvested from a 5 million year old natural salt lake situated in the remote regions of Western Australia, an ecologically pristine environment.

The salt is simply skimmed from the surface of the lake, screened and kiln dried. Thus the natural character and composition of the salt remains undisturbed ensuring that its distinctive flavour is retained.

Nothing is added... nothing taken away... formed and harvested, as nature intended.

Like sea salt, Lake Deborah contains many trace elements, such as calcium and magnesium.... Unlike sea salt, Lake Deborah's unique flavour is subtle; mild and gentle to taste but with a depth of flavour that will enhance your cooking.

Lake Deborah natural lake salt has been accredited as an allowed input for organic processing by the Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia's leading organic accreditation body.

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Lake Deborah
Product Information

University Study confirms the unique characteristics of Lake Deborah natural lake salt

  • Lake Deborah natural lake salt is one of the purest salts in the world
  • The salt's distinctive flavour due to the purity and unique structure of the salt crystals
  • Economical to use due to the near perfect sodium to chloride ratio imparting stronger "salty" flavour

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