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Wild Harvested
in Western Australia.

We invite you to upgrade from sea salt and experience the unique flavour-enhancing properties of our pure lake salt.


Lake Deborah is a 5-million-year-old salt lake in Western Australia that is so remote, it is completely untouched by modern pollutants, micro-plastics or contaminants.


We responsibly harvest the fresh new layer of pristine salt each year, and package it in environmentally-friendly compostable bags.


The result is a pure salt that naturally amplifies the flavours of your food.

We now have an online store. Please click the "Lake Deborah Store" button below. 


Lake Deborah Pure Lake Salt is proudly produced by the WA Salt Group. With a strong commitment to environmental management, we gently harvest the top layer of Lake Deborah when it forms crystals each season. We then screen, dry, and package the salt at our North Coogee premises for distribution to local and international markets.



Arthur, Jack and George Lister began wild harvesting natural lake salt in 1944, hand-shovelling salt into horse-drawn buggies. Although the tools and modes of transport have evolved, the family-owned business still uses responsible harvesting practices (similar to organic farming principles) to ensure the preservation of Lake Deborah for generations to come.

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